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Sepetmber 2001 Minutes



Many of our members have e-mail addresses and we would like to try and cut our costs on monthly postage.  If you all could send me your e-mail address even if I all ready have it on file or if you have a new address please contact me with it.  If we could get most of you to accept just the e-mail version of the MARFC MESSENGER each month if would save us dollars in the long run.  But, If you wish to still receive both please let me know ASAP.  Please be sure to contact me if you change your e-mail address or home address so either one can make it to you each month.  By the way yearly renewals are coming up in December so renew your membership early.

Thanks and as always keep racing.

Bill Barnhart
President MARFC

P.S. Just an update on club member and ARCA Official Dennis Schalm who was in the hospital last month for chest pains. Dennis is home as wishes to send many thanks to all who sent him best wishes for a speedy recovery.



Win this racing quilt!!

A hand made quilt featuring racing patches, including early MARFC patches, Indianapolis, and many others.

The quilt is being raffled off to benefit the Annual Children’s Christmas party.  E-mail your president, Wild Bill, at for more details.

Special thanks to Cathie Roloff, Cory Russell, and Bill Palmer for their donations to make this quilt.

August Fan Club Days
Merritt Speedway
Awesome Sprint car racing is the best way to describe the Merritt Speedway.  Great dirt track racing in all the divisions.  John Taylor, driver of the Michigan Modified # 3 was given the MARFC/Helmet & Uniform Bag because of his hard luck the week before, rolling his car five times, but was back in action the following week.  Special thanks to Ed & Carmen VanDuinen and their entire staff for letting our members be apart of a great night of racing.  Club volunteers for the night were Herman Bratfish, Laura & Jimmy Tucker.

Sorry, no photo available at this time.

Kinross Speedway

One thing for certain, our first member track in the Upper Penunsula sure showed us grand time on our first Fan Club Night at Kinross.  We are excited to have enjoyed a great member turn out at a very young race track.  Kudos to Tom Maxwell for putting on a GREAT show.

John White towed all the way from Norton, Ohio to race in the "Flagman 50" at Kinross.  Promoters thought he deserved recognition and therefore was awarded the MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag.  John(r) showed here with MARFC President, Bill Barnhart(l)

Among the members filing through the front gate at Kinross were Mark and Darcie Fuzi.  Darcie is a columnist for the Mid-American Racing News.
It is sometimes amazing to see just how far people will travel to see short track racing.  All the way from the Detroit area were Walt Moore(l), MARFC Vice-President, Bob Michon(m), and new member, Michael Davis(r).  Also peresent were members from the Flint, Owosso, and Mt. Pleasant areas.

Michigan International Speedway

Fans were treated to a fantastic day of Winston Cup and Busch Series practice.  Thanks to Tommy Cameron for again offering MARFC Members the opportunity to visit the MIS facility.

At MIS, during the August ARCA race, Dennis Schalm was finally caught and presented with his Appreciation Award for his time and effort in supplying the decal which appears on the hood of Roger Blackstock’s ARCA Ford Taurus.