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July 2001 Minutes



Let me take a minute and talk about Sportsmanship. We are all race fans and competitors and being part of  a group such as ours Sportsmanship is just part of the deal. When a driver has a bad day starting off with a crash during practice and his car is a mess it is great to see others give a helping hand to see that he gets the chance to race that night. That’s Sportsmanship!  Fans who band together to help raise funds for a injured driver no matter if they like or dislike that driver.  That’s Sportsmanship!  During a race drivers are aggressive and Sportsmanship is pushed to the limits but, in most cases it is a matter of give and take.  Other times Sportsmanship just goes out the window and that is what make our sport look bad.  So as fans and competitors I encourage all members of MARFC, as well as everyone in our sport to remember that Sportsmanship makes for the best racing around.  This is just one race fans opinion.

Until next month,

Bill Barnhart
President MARFC

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Kyle Larson of the ASA has contacted us regarding their upcoming program at Winchester Speedway.  They are searching for old photos, programs, historical items, etc. which may be used in the event program. The full letter containing all details and contact info may be viewed by clicking here.


Attention Members!!  We are considering the addition of a Members’ Racers page to our site.  The page will contain photos of members’ race cars displaying the MARFC sticker.  For more information please contact webmaster@marfc.org

June Fan Club Days

For a second season, ARCA RE/MAX Series driver, Roger Blackstock proudly disolays the MARFC logo on the hood of his car at Michigan International Speedway in June.  Thank you for your continues support Roger!!

Toledo was the only June Fan Club Day that was not cancelled or postponed due to weather.  Pictured here are Bob Michon (left), our new VP, new Board Member, Cory Russell (middle), and Sue Ginter (right), who was elected to another term as Secretary/Treasurer.

Late Model Driver Dennis Strickland was presented the MARFC Uniform/Helmet bag at Toledo Speedway.  Dennis competes weekly at both Toledo and Flat Rock Speedway.  "Wild Bill" Barnhart, elected to another term as President made the presentation.