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May 2001 Minutes



Well the elections are over and with only eight board members nominated all were elected. The Executive board ran unopposed so there was no need for a ballot vote. The members of the new board will take their offices on June 1, 2001. So at this time I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the newest members of our Board of Directors. They are:  Dave DeHem and Cory Russell with current Vice President Jim Buckley moving over to the Board and Rob Michon as our new Vice President.  Susan Ginter has retained her position as the club’s Secretary/Treasurer.  Also, I would like to say a very Special Thank You to parting board members Ken Pachla, Tim Gietzen, and Jody Hallin for serving the club for the past two years.  I look forward to working with the new board and to continue to move ahead to make MARFC the best Fan Club across the country. Michigan has the best race fans anywhere and I am proud to continue as President of MARFC.


Kyle Larson of the ASA has contacted us regarding their upcoming

program at Winchester Speedway.  They are searching for old photos, programs, historical items, etc. which may be used in the event program. The full letter containing all details and contact info may be viewed by clicking here.


Bill Barnhart

MARFC President


The April meeting was held at the R. S. Eastin Hotel in Roseville.  Guest speaker was 2000 Legends Champ Billy Simmons.  Elections for MARFC Officers and Board members also took place.  Our formal meetings are now finished for the season and will resume in September.  Be sure to participate in the many Fan Club Days sponsored by our member and non-member tracks.

2000 Michigan Legends Champion, Billy Simmons, offered lots of insight on his and his father’s racing careers, boldly stating that the fans are what makes all the time and effort put into racing worth while.