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In Memory of Dale Earnhardt

“NASCAR has lost its greatest driver ever, and I personally have lost a great friend.”
–NASCAR chairman Bill France Jr.

The feelings expressed by Bill France Jr. are shared  among the entire racing community.  There exists no sport where fans and competitors are closer than they are in auto racing. We may never have met Dale nor shaken his hand but fans still considered him their friend.  Whether love or hate for his aggressive driving style, we ALL respected Dale for his talent, abilities and accomplishments.  Even during the 2001 Daytona 500, Dale gave his fans the excitement they had come to expect–wheel to wheel racing, a nudge here, a push there and even some driving instructions to the rookies, “Intimidator style”.  NASCAR has truly suffered a great loss.  The tragedy of Dale’s death will soon pass, but one thing is certain, the Intimidator will always be remembered in our hearts.

We at the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club extend our most heartfelt sympathies to the Earnhardt family and to all friends and fans touched by this tragedy.  May the Good Lord see you through this time of grief.