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September 2000 Minutes



It’s hard to believe that another racing season has gone by and new Champions have been crowned.  Now all that’s ahead of us is the banquet season.

In August the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club Presented NASCAR Legend Darrell Waltrip with an appreciation award for his 30 years of auto Racing. It was an honor for me to present Darrell with this award in front of 80,000 fans at the Michigan Speedway.

Special Thanks to Tommy Cameron for making all the arrangements to give this award to Darrell and to Steve & Cory Russell for helping with the presentation & photos.  A Special thanks to Rob Michon for designing the award for Darrell.

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Wild Bill


September 15, 2000


The Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club is very saddened to learn of the passing of Elmer Simko.  Elmer was Owner/promotor of Owosso Speedway through the 1999 Season and a true race fan.  He will be missed by many.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Simko family.


Bill Barnhart


Fan Club Days

Michigan Speedway


Next to our Awards Banquet, quite possibly the highlight of the year 2000 for MARFC was the presentation of a plaque to Darrell Waltrip, commemorating his racing career.





The plaque reads:


Presented to:


Darrell Waltrip


In Recognition of Your Successes in Automobile Racing


We the fans of the state of Michigan honor you for 30 years of auto racing.  84 Career victories, 30 Career Poles, 3 Winston Cup Championships, and fans too numerous to total, makes you one of the legends of our sport


As a driver, car owner, television commentator, and outstanding person, you are a unique and outspoken ambassador that has led auto racing into the history books.


We recognize you as a veteran and legend to our sport that no other sport has.  One who has given his all to do the one thing he loves.


May God Bless & Keep you in your next endeavor.


Heart filled Thanks and Congratulations from all of your fans here in Michigan.


Michigan Speedway

August 19, 2000



Owosso Speedway

Susan Ginter and Dave DeHem with Limited Late Model Driver Marty Butkovitch

Butler Speedway


We had some difficulty getting the weather to cooperate with us for Butler’s Fan Club Day, but in the end weather held out long enough for Susan Ginter and Dave DeHem to recruit new members (left), and for President Bill Barnhart and Susan Ginter to award Bob Tohms the MARFC Helmet/Uniform bag just before the rains came.