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March 2000 Update

Our March 18, 200 meeting was held at the Harley Hotel in Lansing, MI

Our guest speakers were John Turnbull Sr.(Michigan Legends), Jack Calabrase(Auto Value Super Sprints) and, Paul Zimmerman and Gary Parr(Spartan Speedway). All of them spoke of the upcoming racing season.

Gary Parr told us of all happenings at Spartan Speedway which include new lighting, grandstand work, and increased payouts for special events.That’s Good…Mo’ money$$$ John Turnbull Sr. introduced the 2000 Legends schedule and the possibility that any race fan can “Rent a Ride”.  For more information see the Michigan Legends site from our Links page.
Extended Curfew?!?!?!?!  Yes!! Paul Zimmerman confirmed it.  He has been fighting the township for years to get get his curfew extended.  Now races can continue until 11:30pm Jack Calabrase (right) also introduced the 2000 Auto Value Super Sprint Schedule and outlined new rules for Rookie of the Year. Pictured also is John Turnbull Sr.(left)