MARFC Members Invade the Flat Rock Speedway!

flat rock web1flat rock web2With a pit area filled with cars along with heated weather and great crowd on hand MARFC members send some outstanding racing on the tight ¼ oval of the Flat Rock Speedway. Late Model # 45 Frank Jiovani was given our MARFC Uniform/ Helmet Bag winning the feature the week prior. MARFC Raffle winner was Cory Russell and thanks to Board member Al Peltier for helping out at our table for the night. Special thanks to Scott Schultz and Ron Drager for rescheduling this event after it was rained out earlier this season.( Top Left: Frank Jiovani with MARFC Bag & Top Right: Cory Russell & Crew with Board member Al Peltier)

MARFC at Mt. Pleasant Speedway for 2015!

mt pleasantweb1mt pleasantweb2Board Members Barry Meschke & Dennis Trinklein were on hand at our MARFC table for this great night of racing on the dirt at the Mt. Pleasant Speedway. They presented our MARFC Uniform/ Helmet Bag to Hobby Stock # 200 driver Mike “Elmo Skids” Sparks for his 40 years for supporting racing at the speedway. Larry Letts won our MARFC members raffle! Many thanks to Betty Crook for the invite again this year! Thanks to Leo “The Chief” Pego for the great PR for the night. (Photo from Barry Meschke) (Top: Mike Skids, Dennis Trinklein & Barry Meschke) (Bottom: Larry Letts & Dennis Trinklein)

Merritt Speedway host MARFC for 2015!

merritt webOnce again all MARFC Members were greeted by Board members Bill Walters, Dennis Trinklein and Barry Meschke. Many thanks to Merritt Speedway’s new owner Mike Blackmer and the staff for keeping us on board! Look forward to working with them again in the 2016 season. Merritt’s very own Sonny Tulick was given our MARFC Uniform Helmet Bag for all the support of the speedway for many, many years with race cars and wreckers.(Photo: Barry Meschke, Sonny Tulick and Dennis Trinklein)

MARFC at Tri-City Motor Speedway for 2015!

tricity webGreat weather along with fantastic car count and full grandstands made for an outstanding night of racing at the Tri-City Speedway. Our MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag was presented to Late Model # 9 driver Isaac Wolfgang who was the 2014 rookie of the year and continues to support racing at the speedway all the time. MARFC raffle winner was Vere Jacobs! Many thanks to Steve and his crew for having us again this year! MARFC table helpers for the night were Dennis Trinklein, Barry Meschke and Bill Walters.(Photo: Track Promoter Steve Puvalowski, Board members Bill Walters, Barry Meschke, Isaac Wolfgang and “Shut Up” Roger Williams)