dragerweb1Our meeting at the Toledo Speedway Bar & Grille was a very informative one for those who braved the weather and for those who stayed after the 13th annual Racer’s Reunion. ARCA President and track owner Ron Drager was on hand to update our members about how their 2016 season in doing and the upcoming events for their series. Ron informed all that a new deal was struck with American Sports Network to televise 9 additional events for 2016 along with the other races making almost the entire season will be on television in 2016 and beyond. Ron also spoke a little bit about the MSPA and what their goal is to keep the tracks open and give the fans & racers the best possible places to race at and see racing across the state. Then Scott Schultz GM for both Flat Rock & Toledo Speedways informed all about some of the changes going on at both facilities. He said that their X-car division at Toledo has be cut but the factory stock & enduro cars with be running more races and both tracks and at Toledo they will be run 4 to 5 different ways. Should be something to see later this season. Flat Rock still has all their divisions returning with many special shows scottweb1on tap in 2016. Many thanks to Ron & Scott for having us again this year and hope next year the weather is a little bit better for all who attend. (Top Photo: Ron Drager) ( Bottom Photo: Scott Schultz)

MARFC March General Meeting Update!

Al BlixtwebOur March general meeting was held at DeCarlo’s Banquet Center and for those who came out thank you for your support! Our speaker for the night was Auto Racing Historian Al Blixt, Jr. Al started the evening events by going around the room, having each person introduce themselves and tell about the first racing event they remember going to. Was interesting all the different places people had been and how everyone became interested in racing. Al continued in his father’s footsteps, Al Blixt, Sr., after his passing. Al Sr. worked as an electrician during the day and track photographer during the evenings. He ran F. J. O’Toole Company and stopped the photography during that period. He passed in 1961. Al Jr. took all of the photographs, programs, etc. and made them into slide shows, books and continued his dad’s work. He had a press pass which allowed him to get into the races and obtain his photographs. In 2006, Al Jr. gathered up his dad’s things and the documentation of his father’s life began. Al spoke of the history of four different race tracks – Grosse Pointe Race Track, Michigan State Fair Grounds, State Fair Coliseum and Motor City Speedway. He presented a slide presentation and history of each race track and finished off with a slide show of Mt Clemens Speedway. Al also had several photo albums for everyone’s viewing enjoyment. You can follow Al Blixt Jr’s blog at Al Blixt Racing History. (Report provided by Barb Gullett & Photo above: Al Blixt Jr. provided by Rand Thompson)

February 2016 MARFC Meeting Update!

mstrcweb3mstrcweb1Our general meeting was held at the Capitol Bowl in Owosso and was in conjunction with the MSTRC’s Annual Fundraiser & Bowling Tournament that raised money for those racing folks who are in need of a helping hand during a time of sickness or hardship. Glad to say it was a great night seeing a lot of folks come out and enjoy a fun night and support this great cause. Many thanks to Chuck Darling and his crew for making this all happen. Had many members there to help in this event was just outstanding. ( Photos Top Left: MSTRC bowlers Top Right: Larry Loynes MC’s Raffle items & Bottom Photo: MARFC members enjoying the evening)mstrcweb2

More Banquet Photos!

DSCF0467.jpg - Special MARFC Award - Jim KinslerwebSONY DSC
Left image: Bill Barnhart & Jim Kinsler, Right image: Jeff Ganus, Jay Woolworth & Terry Fitzwater

DSCF0515.jpg - Ton Carnegie Announcer of the Year - Jeff Striegle - MRN RadiowebDSCF0495.jpg - Fan of the Year - Gene and Linda Hurdweb
Left image: Terry Fitzwater, Jeff Striegle & Bob Jenkins, Right image: Misty Bolt, Gene Hurd & Bill Barnhart

DSCF0485.jpg - MARFC Presidents Award - Chas HowewebDSCF0468.jpg - MARFC Special Achievement Award - Larry LaMayweb
Left image: Bill Barnhart & Chas Howe, Right image: Bill Barnhart, Larry LaMay & Bill Stone

DSCF0501.jpg - Appreciation Award - Milt WoodwebDSCF0502.jpg - Appreciation Award - David Hillikewebr
Left image: Bill Barnhart & Milt Wood, Right image: Bill Barnhart & David Hilliker

DSCF0500.jpg - Appreciation Award - John NecewebDSCF0499.jpg - Appreciation Award - Eddie J. Sachs IIIweb
Left image: Bill Barnhart & John Nece, Right image: Bill Barnhart & Eddie Sachs III

DSCF0498.jpg - Appreciation Award - The Whisman FamilywebSONY DSC
Left image: Bill Barnhart & Donna & Joe Whisman, Right image: Bill Barnhart & Paul Anton

fitzwebDSCF0497.jpg - Special Appreciation Award - Elaine Bogusz-Yagerweb
Left image: David Meilke & Terry Fitzwater, Right image: Bill Barnhart & Elaine Yager

DSCF0503.jpg - MSPA Promoter of the Year - Crystal Motor Speedway - Ron Flinnweb
MSPA Award: Ryan & Kim Flinn, Mary Jane Flinn & Ron Drager