MARFC on the dirt at Crystal Motor Speedway for 2016!

crystalweb1crystalweb2Clear & hot weather on hand for our annual trek to the Crystal Motor Speedway for 2016. With about 100 cars in the pit area the night was full of racing in all divisions. Our MARFC/Uniform Helmet bag was presented to Pro Stock # 94 Chad Raby for his dedication in helping others in his division. Our MARFC members raffle was won by Johnny Grzeck! MARFC also presented a special gift to longtime track employee Dan “Dapper” Miniky for his over 30 years of service to the Speedway. A Special thanks to Ron Flinn, Roger “Shut Up” William and Trevor Hollis for having us and the great PR for the night. Table volunteers for then night were Bill Walter, Dennis Trinklein, Barry Meschke, Larry & Kenny Letts.(Photo Top Left: Chad Raby & President Bill Barnhart)(Photo Top Right: Bill Barnhart & “Dapper Dan”) (Photo Bottom: MARFC Raffle winner Johnny Grzeck)crystalweb3

MARFC at Kalamazoo Speedway in 2016!

kalzooweb1It was a very nice night with lots of good racing at the Kalamazoo Speedway. Super Stock driver # 4 Keegan Dykstra was presented our MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag because of his great personality and works hard at improving as an up and coming driver in his division. Our MARFC members raffle was won by Larry VanPutten. Big thanks to club members Doug Jakeway and John Jackson for representing our club for the evening. Longtime ticket taker Dee was given a special prize from the club that night for her many years of service.Thanks to Gary & Donna Howe and the staff at the speedway for having us again this season. Photo taken by John Jackson!(Photo Top Left: Keegan Dykstra and Doug Jakeway)kalzooweb2(Photo Bottom Right: Doug Jakeway & Larry Van Putten)(Photo Bottom: Dee working)kalzooweb3



Through out history the US Army has been there
Through out history the US Army has been there!

This is the day that we as Americans need to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms that we cherish in everyday life. The freedom to enjoy our great sport of auto racing as race fans, race drivers, promoters, sponsors, and car owners. We pay tribute to all who are currently working to protect those freedoms today and into the future. We should never forget those who have gone on and also remember their families who also have made the sacrifices. Whenever any of us see or run into anyone who is in our armed forces Please take the time to Thank Them for their service and pray that they come home safely soon. Remember that this day is a day of remembrance for all veterans those who are still with us and those who are now in God’s care. We as Americans must “Never Forget”.


“God Bless America”

Flat Rock Speedway Welcomes MARFC for 2016!

Flat Rock web1Once again great night of racing at the Flat Rock Speedway! Our members were treated to some awesome short track racing with four divisions on hand. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was presented to Street Stock # 03 driver Ray Morneau Jr. for Winsor Ontario Canada who runs regularly at the Rock and done an outstanding job moving up in his division. Paul Smith was our MARFC members raffle winner for the evening. Many thanks to Scott Schultz & Ron Drager and staff of the speedway for their hospitality again this season. Flat Rock web 2Table helpers for the night were Larry & Sue Iacoboni, Dave DeHem, Barry Meschke & Patti Bihn.(Photo Top: MARFC Board & Ray Morneau Jr.)(Photo Bottom: MARFC Raffle winner Paul Smith)