MARFC Rain date for Toledo Speedway!

June 23, 2014 2014 MinutesUncategorized

TOLEDO SPEEDWAY UPDATE: Sorry to say the Mother Nature was victorious on this night. We have rescheduled the date for August 1, 2014 this is their autograph night so come out & enjoy the evening. Thanks to Ron, Roy & Scott and the speedway for working to reschedule this event.

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June 22, 2014 2014 MinutesUncategorized

springportweb2Outstanding weather for racing with a vast field of cars on hand in the pit area ready to go. We had many members sign in at our table that night to enjoy seeing all the racing with the vintage race cars also on hand. The MARFC Uniform/helmet bag was presented to Sport Stock #6 driver Brad Robison for his dedication of supporting the racing at the speedway. Allen Albert was the winner of our MARFC membership raffle. Special thanks to Jeff & Pam Parish & the Springport Motor Speedway for having us on their schedule once again. Thanks to Doug Jakeway and Larry Iacoboni for helping at our table for the evening.(Top: Jeff Parish, Brad Robison, Pam Parish & Doug Jakeway)(Bottom Left” Al Albert & Larry Iacoboni) (Bottom Right: Vintage racer)springportweb1springportweb3


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June 15, 2014 2014 MinutesUncategorized

Crystalweb1Fun filled night of racing at the Crystal Motor Speedway! The MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was given to Late Model #66 driver Kurt Mesman for the run of hard luck he has been having lately. Our MARFC Members raffle winner was Jack Colpean Sr. As for running of the Twin Flinn that our MARFC VP & President competed in was one crazy event for sure. Both had fun during the event but didn’t quite know when the race started and who beat who after it was over. We had a fantastic time and thanks to Ron & Mary Jane Flinn and the entire staff at the speedway for hosting us again this season. MARFC table helpers for the night Doug Jakeway, Dave DeHem & Bill Barnhart! (Top: Dave with Kurt Mesman) (Middle Left: Dave Right: Wild Bill) ( Bottom: Race action photo by: Darcie Fuzi-Dubie)Crystalweb4Crystalweb3


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MARFC President & Vice President to Race it out at Crystal Motor Speedway this Weekend!

June 11, 2014 2014 MinutesUncategorized

Just a reminder to all MARFC Members! Remember that Ron Flinn and the Crystal Motor Speedway on the night of June 14th our Fan Club Day event Ron will be running his Twin Flinn race and your MARFC President & Vice President have been asked to compete.  Oh and by the way there are two sets of cars on the track at the same time with one set running clockwise and the other running counter clockwise. Should be fun race to see!  So come on out and see if we survive and who beats who! We could use some help to man our MARFC table too! See you in Victory Lane

Wild Bill MARFC Prez

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MARFC members invade Mid-Michigan Raceway Park in 2014!

June 9, 2014 2014 MinutesUncategorized

midmichweb2midmichweb1MID-MICHIGIAN RACEWAY PARK UPDATE: Fantastic night for racing on the dirt at Mid-Michigan Raceway Park. Club member Scott Fow and yours truly were on hand to greet MARFC members at the table. Our MARFC members raffle was won by Greg Shepard, and the MARFC Uniform Helmet Bag was presented to Pro Stock# 67 Heat winner Chad Raby. Special thanks to Gene & Linda Hendrickson and their staff for the invite and look forward to returning again next year. (Top Left: Greg Shepard Top Right: Chad Raby) (Bottom Left to Right: Club member Scott Veramay, Promoter Gene Hendrickson, Club member Rich Bean)midmichweb3

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