Waterford Hills Raceway Update for 2016!

Waterford Hills web 1Waterford Hills web 2Another great afternoon at the races with perfect weather on hand! MARFC Board member Rand Thompson was on hand to present our MARFC UNIFORM/HELMET BAG to a driver who can the distance to race at the raceway David Nicholas all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii. David races his # 76 1960 MGA. Thanks to Joel Hershoren and staff of the Waterford Hills Raceway for hosting this event this season. Special thanks to Rand Thompson for representing MARFC for the day!(Photo Top: Joel Hershoren, David Nicholas & Rand Thompson) (Photo Bottom:David Nicholas 1960 MGA #76)

MARFC a Thunderbird Raceway for First Time 2016!

thunderbirdweb1thunderbrdweb2With rain all around the area and many tracks washed out Tom Sprague and his crew had their fingers crossed and moved forward and the racing was on. With over 140 cars in the pit area and into the parking lot race fans had a full night of racing to watch as rains held off just enough to get them in. Our MARFC UNIFORM/HELMET BAG was given to rookie Dirt Modified # 8 driver John Foss for his sportsmanship and support of the division. Our MARFC membership raffle was won by Bob Stone. Thanks again for having us and glad to see another track come from being closed for many years and making it work. We look forward to returning again next season.(Photo Top Left: John Foss & MARFC Board member Barry Meschke) (Photo Top Right: MARFC member Bob Stone with Barry Meschke)

Winston Speedway MARFC 2016 Report!

Very sorry to say the Mother Nature beat us up once again for our annual trek to the Winston Speedway for 2016. We would very much like to thank the new crew in charge of the speedway Ed Higgins & staff for trying to make this possible for us this year but, we were no able to reschedule this event for this season but hope to be able to work with them again in 2017.


merrittwebExtremely hot evening for those who made it to the races that evening with over 90 cars in the pit area made for some great racing. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was presented to late model # 21 driver Bob Hammer for his support of the track. Club member Bob Bergevin won the MARFC members raffle for the night! Thanks to table helpers Bill Walters, Barry Meschke & Dennis Trinklein. Thank You to Mike & Crew at Merritt for having us back again this year. (Photo: MARFC Board member Barry Meschke & Bob Hammer)