MARFC 51st Banquet Goes Into The Record Books in 2017!

DSCF0772.JPG - MARFC Presidents Award - Butch MillerwebRon Hemelgarn webWell another great banquet goes into the books as our 51st Annual MARFC Banquet was well attended once again. It was fantastic to see some of our repeat champions return to collect their awards and it was priceless to witness those who had won for the first time. What an honor to have all three of our top award winners in attendance also. Butch Miller who was presented the MARFC Presidents Award was just full of stories and could have gone all night telling them. He was truly honored with this award and means a lot to him. Ron Hemelgarn was on hand to receive the Eddie Sachs Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award from Eddie Sachs Jr. who was presenting the award that evening. He said he was proud to receive the award and will continue to support racing for as long as he can. A very emotional Charlie Newby was just as honored by receiving the Vito LoPiccolo Memorial Contribution to Motorsports Award. Both Vito’s daughters Janice & Linda presented the award. Charlie paid tribute to all who made it possible for him to be honored with this award and all who he built motors for as those who drove for him during his years as a car owner. But, his family was the most important ones who supported him over the years. Our special awards went as follows: Mechanic of the Year Rick Ridenour, Fan of the Year John Jackson, Promoters of the Year, Gene & Linda Henrickson & Mid-Michigan Raceway Park. Appreciation Awards went to Jimmy Tucker, Milt Wood, Doug Jakeway & Zbosien Racing. Ron Drager was on hand to present the MSPA Promoter of the year to Gary & Donna Howe of the Kalamazoo Speedway. Terry Fitzwater was unable to be with us to present his Annual Drivers of the Year Awards do to a family illness but, we were glad to be able to present them for him. Tyler Roahrig was the Pavement Driver of the Year and Dona Marcoullier was the Dirt Driver of the Year. If you did not attend you missed a great banquet! So, I’d write down JANUARY 20, 2018 for our next banquet now so you don’t miss out!DSCF0786.JPG - Appreciation Award - Doug Jakewayweb(Photos by Paul Anton & Rand Thompson) (Top Left: Butch Miller & Bill Barnhart) (Top Right: Bill Barnhart, Ron Hemelgarn & Eddie Sachs Jr.)(Bill Barnhart & Doug Jakeway) (Bill Barnhart & Conner Zbozien) (Bill Barnhart & Milt Wood) (Bill Barnhart & Jimmy Tucker) (Bill Barnhart & John Jackson) (Bill Barnhart & Gene & Linda Henrickson) (Bill Barnhart & Rick Ridenour) (Linda Sloss, Janice Thimlar, Bill Barnhart & Charlie Newby) (Larry Loynes Family & Bill Barnhart)IMG_0865.JPG - Appreciation Award - MMRA Series - Zbozien Racing TeamwebDSCF0784.JPG - Appreciation Award - Milt Wood (Iggy Katona Car Display)webDSCF0785.JPG - Appreciation Award - Jimmy Tucker (His Enduro Race Car Display)webDSCF0783.JPG - MARFC Fan of the Year - John JacksonwebDSCF0777.JPG - Promoter of the Year - Mid Michigan Raceway Park - Gene and Linda HenricksonwebRick Ridenour Mechanic of the Year webDSCF0760.JPG - MARFC Vito LoPiccolo Memorial Award - Charles Newby - Right sidewebLoynes web

Have a Happy 2017 New Year From MARFC!

thgkbpe6xnTo all our MARFC Members & Friends, May the New Year bring all health, happiness, fast racing, and safety to everyone. So Happy New Year from all of us here at MARFC! Looking forward to 2017!

Wild Bill Barnhart MARFC President


Merry Christmas from MARFC 2016!

624708_f520To all our MARFC members & their families, We here at MARFC wish you all the best and a Very Merry Christmas to you and yours. May the Lord Bless & Keep us all safe & sound throughout this holiday season and may he bring us all a fantastic New Year!

Bill Barnhart MARFC President

MARFC Host’s Annual Children’s Christmas Party for 2016!

decweb3Back on December 4, 2016 our Children’s Christmas party was held at the RS Easton Hotel in Roseville, MI. Everyone enjoyed a great lunch donated by Jimmy Gullett & Fran Russo. Then DA the Clown was on hand to make balloons for the kid’s and then he put on a great magic show for all to see. Each child received a gift bag of goodies upon arrival to the party. Then the big guy in the red suit arrived and the kid’s each got a gift from Santa and their picture taken with him. decweb1Then each child had a chance to win and extra prize from their door prize table. All who attended had a fantastic time. Many thanks to all who donated to help us make this party a great accuses. Special thanks to Barb Gullett who organized this party for the kid’s and to Kamille Fitzpatrick who donated some extra door prizes and autographed them for those who won one.decweb2