August 2001 Minutes

August 31, 2001 2001 MinutesUncategorized


If you have just dropped in to check out our site please be sure to sign our guest book.  We would like to know what you think of our site.  Our club will be celebrating it’s 37th year next month and are proud to have numerous members all across the state of Michigan as well as other members across the United States and Canada.  Please check our site out and if you would like to join our club please print out and send in the membership form.  Hope you enjoy your racing season where ever that may be.

Always Keep Racing,

Bill Barnhart
President MARFC

P.S.  A very special Thank You to the Appalachian Associates for inviting our members up to their suite at MIS over the CART race weekend. We hope all enjoyed the visit.


August 24, 2001


The Michigan...

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July 2001 Minutes

July 31, 2001 2001 MinutesUncategorized


Let me take a minute and talk about Sportsmanship. We are all race fans and competitors and being part of  a group such as ours Sportsmanship is just part of the deal. When a driver has a bad day starting off with a crash during practice and his car is a mess it is great to see others give a helping hand to see that he gets the chance to race that night. That’s Sportsmanship!  Fans who band together to help raise funds for a injured driver no matter if they like or dislike that driver.  That’s Sportsmanship!  During a race drivers are aggressive and Sportsmanship is pushed to the limits but, in most cases it is a matter of give and take.  Other times Sportsmanship just goes out the window and that is what make our sport look bad...

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June 2001 Minutes

June 30, 2001 2001 MinutesUncategorized


The racing season is here and many of our membership tracks are very busy with their weekly racing venues.  Let us go out and support your local tracks and be sure to try and check out one you haven’t been to yet and spread your support of auto racing around.  Be sure to let others know that you are proud member of the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club and help us encourage others to join and make our club grow.  Have a safe and race filled season and hope to see you at one of our Fan Club nights soon.

I would personally like to take a moment to say Thank You to all the Club members and Board members who sent cards or called after learning of my father’s passing last month. Many thanks to the club for sending a beautiful basket of flowers...

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May 2001 Minutes

May 31, 2001 2001 MinutesUncategorized


Well the elections are over and with only eight board members nominated all were elected. The Executive board ran unopposed so there was no need for a ballot vote. The members of the new board will take their offices on June 1, 2001. So at this time I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the newest members of our Board of Directors. They are:  Dave DeHem and Cory Russell with current Vice President Jim Buckley moving over to the Board and Rob Michon as our new Vice President.  Susan Ginter has retained her position as the club’s Secretary/Treasurer.  Also, I would like to say a very Special Thank You to parting board members Ken Pachla, Tim Gietzen, and Jody Hallin for serving the club for the past two years...

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April 2001 Minutes

April 30, 2001 2001 MinutesUncategorized


It’s getting closer and I can just hear the motors being tuned and just a slight smell of the racing fuel in the air. Another racing season soon to commence. Here’s to the soon to be crowned 2001 champions and have a safe and fantastic racing season to all of you race-aholics.

Last month we lost a special racer in John Fedricks. John was a great driver back in the 40’s & 50’s in USAC Sprints & Midgets and was inducted into the Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame a few years ago.

Our thoughts & prayers go out to his family.

Also, long time member Alex Spence passed away on March 18th after a long illness. His wife, Adele, had been our Secretary/ Treasurer for many years and we send our deepest sympathy to her and her family at this time.

Bill Barnhar...

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