June 2002 Minutes

June 30, 2002 2002 MinutesUncategorized


Mother Nature has won most of the races run so far this season. Many race venues have been cut short or cancelled do to her wrath. I am sure that she will soon be defeated. With the shows being cancelled many of you the fans are just itching to see some great short track racing very soon myself included.

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend. It is at this time of year where we needed to take a few minutes and remember all those who are not with us today. With all that has happened in the past few months it is important to remember those who have lost their lives defending our country, our beliefs and freedom. May we continue to compete in the sport that we all love so much because of those who fought for us to have the right to do so...

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May 2002 Minutes

May 31, 2002 2002 MinutesUncategorized


First off this month I would like to send our Get Well wishes out to a few special people.  Donna is the wife of Paul Zimmerman promoter of the Spartan Speedway. Donna had a stroke awhile back and Paul is very busy taking care of her at home as well as getting the Speedway ready for the 2002 season.  To long time member Bill Palmer AKA” Willie the Clown” who had a little heart trouble last month hope to see Bill back at the races again soon.  Also, to Jack Roush and Junie Donlavey speedy recoveries to them both.  We know that the Good Lord has been watching over all these fine folks and we send our best wishes to them all.

I’d also like to welcome three new Speedway’s to our membership for a total of thirteen now...

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April 2002 Minutes

April 30, 2002 2002 MinutesUncategorized

April 2002


From the Prez:

Helping others in need is just part of what race fans are really. When drivers, crewmen, or track workers get hurt or even loose their life as fans we are always willing to help out.This is the case of Modified driver James Piggott who was seriously injured last September.

Jim was injured when a bumper from another car came through and nearly completely took his leg off at the knee. He has sense used up all of his insurance and will not be able to return to work because his leg doesn’t work correctly anymore. Jim worked as a trucker and is unable to drive now. We as well as the Owosso and Spartan Speedways and the Michigan Modified Association have all helped by donating and raising money to help Jim out...

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March 2002 Minutes

March 31, 2002 2002 MinutesUncategorized

FROM THE DESK OF THE PRESIDENTI invite you to join our club if you are a auto racing fan. Our club in in it’s 37th year and we have monthly meetings through out the winter months and fan club days at our membership track during the racing season. A membership is only $ 10.00 for a single person or a married couple for the year. Membership goes from January 1st to December 31st. Each month we send out our monthly newsletter via e-mail and by regular mail so you can be kept informed our what’s going on with our club. We are the second largest club in the states and hope we will soon become number #1. Just visit our membership page and fill out the form and mail it in and we will add you to our ever growing club membership.  Hope to hear from you soon.

See You at the Races!

Bill Barnhart

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February 2002 Minutes

February 28, 2002 2002 MinutesUncategorized


Another great banquet!  It was great to see some of our long time charter members attend like Willis & Marian Flokstra, who along with Vito LoPiccolo, founded our club nearly 37 years ago.  Glad to see some of my old Mt. Clemens Race Track friends again.  Met so many new champions again this year it’s hard to remember them all.  Was sorry that “Bear” Ackles from the Butler Motor Speedway was unable to come and be our Master of Ceremonies this year.  At the last minute he came down with a bad flu bug.  I hope that he is feeling better.  A speedy recovery goes out to Owner/Promoter Ron Flinn of Crystal Motor Speedway.  Ron had surgery on his leg last month after a fall.

Keep checking back for more information on upcoming Fan Club Days...

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