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I-96 Speedway MARFC Event Cancelled due to Weather for 2018!

Well not a very good night as our MARFC event at the I-96 Speedway was cancelled due to Mother Nature’s no so love of racing! We would like to send out a very special thanks to the new owner of the speedway Jeff Dice for working to keep MARFC apart of the speedways schedule. Looking forward to working with Jeff again next season.

Crystal Motor Speedway Welcomes MARFC in 2018!

Tons of cars in the pit area and fantastic dirt car racing for all our members and fans who attended. The MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was given to Pro Truck #96J driver Jim Beltz who has had hard luck this season but, keeps trying every week. Our MARFC membership raffle went to longtime member & former Fan of the Year winner Greg Shepard. Table worker for the night were: Barry Meschke, Ron Boulis, Doug Jakeway and our VP Dave DeHem. Once again, many thanks to Ron & Mary Jane Flinn for working hard to get our night rescheduled again and all their support. (Photo: Jim Beltz & Doug Jakeway)

Back to the Silver Bullet Speedway for MARFC in 2018!

Back to the dirt as we headed to the Silver Bullet Speedway for our annual outing. Awesome racing that evening and with warm temps our members enjoyed themselves. Our MARFC Uniform/ Helmet Bag was presented to Jason James Bullet stock car driver #213 or his support of the speedway and as a veteran he does a lot to support all our Vets all year long. MARFC member Bob Bergevin was our clubs raffle winner that evening. Big thank you to Nick & Matt and the speedway for their continued support of our club! Thanks to our table volunteers that night they were Bill Walters, Berry Meschke, Al & Kyle Peltier, and John Jackson.(Photo Top: Bill Walters & Jason James) ( Photo Bottom: Bob Bergevin & Bill Walters)

MARFC Returns to Birch Run Speedway in 2018!

Great time at the Birch Run Speedway for clubs return to the former Dixie Motor Speedway. Had an outstanding time at this event with great racing and thanks to all who came by our table. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was given to long time racer and current modified # 30 driver and racing veteran Mike Luberda Sr. who at 70 years can run with the best of them and is still going strong. The MARFC raffle winner for the night was new member Scott Shelton. A big grateful thank you to Fred Lynch and the new staff at Birch Run Speedway for keeping us on their sechedule for this season and hope we will be able to return in 2019! Thanks to the Randy “The Wolfman” Adam for the great PR all night also! Table workers were Barry Meschke, John Jackson & Myself. (Photo Top: Barry Meschke, Mike Lubersa Sr. & John Jackson) (Photo Bottom: Barry Meschke & Scott Shelton)