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MARFC Wishes All a Happy 4th of July!

We here at MARFC wish to send everyone a Safe and Happy 4th of July. May you all enjoy the day with family & friends in whatever venue you have planned. For those who are racing may you all have a great day and a safe day. Remember to take a minute to remember all those who made this day possible helping to give us the freedom to do what we all love to do and also remember those who are still serving & working to keep our freedoms possible. Once again have a great day!

As Always Keep Racing! Bill Barnhart MARFC President

Flat Rock Speedway Gets MARFC Night In for 2018!

Finally great weather on hand just a little warm for some outstanding racing at the Flat Rock Speedway. Members got to see an extended race card because of all the rain outs that had happened earlier in the season. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was given to the # 48 Street Stock of Grant Hedges who happens to be a MARFC Member for his support of his division and improvement as a driver this season. Gene Hurd won our MARFC members raffle for the night. Many thanks again to Ron Drager & Scott Schultz for rescheduling our event this season. Table helpers for the night were John Jackson, Bill Walters, Paul Anton, Al Peltier, Kyle Peltier, Rand Thompson and was great to see our long-time board members get out to the races Fran Russo also assisted at the table that night. (Photo Top: PR Director Rand Thompson, Grant Hedges & Board Member John Jackson) ( Photo Bottom: MARFC raffle winner Gene Hurd, Paul Anton, Kyle Peltier, Al Peltier, John Jackson with Fran Russo sitting)

Happy Father’s Day to All of Our MARFC Dad’s!

We here at MARFC wish to send out best wishes to all the Dad’s out there. Hope you enjoy your day with your Fathers and the rest of your families. For those who have fathers in heaven take a moment to remember him as memories as part of life and need to be cherished. So, have a great Day Dad’s everywhere! God Bless and be Safe!

Wild Bill
MARFC President

Auto City Speedway & Event Center hosts MARFC Night in 2018!

What a great night for racing. None of that wet stuff around! A brisk night for all who came to see races. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was presented to Pure Stock Driver # W3 Jeff West Pure Stock driver # W3 for his many years of support of speedway & dedication to racing. Then our MARFC membership raffle was won by Andrew Reid. Many thanks to Joe & Sharon and the staff of Auto City Speedway & Event Center for all the hospitality we received for the night. (Photo Top: MARFC VP Dave DeHem, Jeff West & Board Member John Jackson) (Photo Bottom: John Jackson, Andrew Reid & Dave DeHem)