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MARFC Night Washed out at Mid-Michigan Raceway Park!

ATTN: ALL MARFC MEMBERS, Looks like the rain maker Mother Nature has struck again and our MARFC Fan Club Night at Mid-Michigan Raceway Park has been cancelled. Please let those who don’t have e-mail or internet access know! We are pleased to announce the Gene & Linda have already rescheduled our event for Friday August 21, 2015. Many thanks to them for supporting our club. And remember tomorrow night June 13th we will be at the Crystal Motor Speedway for our fan club day event! So R— R— Stay away!!!!

Wild Bill

Honoring our Military Past & Present!

Good Day to all of you! Memorial Day is truly a day that we never want to forget as we all need to take the time to remember all those who have given their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy each and every day. Not only do we need to remember the fallen but those who are currently protecting our freedom here and home and across the sea and around the world. For those of us who have family in the military we pray that God protects them and brings them home safe and sound and for those who have served in the past we say THANK YOU for your service. So when you see a member of our military please take the time and thank them for all they do and for those who have served and have come home with injuries and need our help do what you can when you can. Today is the day of honoring and remembrance but, we do need to remember each and every day and pray for them all.

May God be with all of you and yours!


MARFC Works Out Spartan & Flat Rock Speedways Rain Dates for 2015!

This just in for all MARFC Members! We would like to say a big thank you to both the Spartan & Flat Rock Speedways for working with us on rescheduling our MARFC Fan Club Day Events for 2015. They are as follows: Spartan Speedway Friday June 26, 2015 & Flat Rock Speedway Saturday July 18, 2015. So mark these dates down on your calendars and be ready for some awesome racing!

Wild Bill

Mother Nature Wins Two in a Row MARFC Events!

spartanweb2spartanweb1After many race fans and MARFC members arrived to the Spartan Speedway and were able to watch qualifying for all divisions Mother Nature decided to wash the evening out before we could see any racing. We were able to hold our MARFC Members Raffle with the winner being Lora Pratt-Darrow. Doug Jakeway &, Gary Sheppard were on hand to help out at the MARFC table before the rain started. And then the next night Mother Nature had the rain once again arrive at the Flat Rock Speedway just as qualifying was about to end. Track official’s worked hard to dry the track and as they were just finishing up she let it start raining again so we were not able to see racing again for the second night in a row. We did hold our MARFC Raffle just after the speedway called the event and the winner was Sue Smith. We are currently working to try and reschedule both events so stay tuned!(Photo Top Left: Lora Pratt-Darrow raffle winner at Spartan Photo Top Right: Doug Jakeway with new members Brenda & Lee) (Photo Bottom Left: Board members Al Peltier, raffle winner Sue Smith & Board member Jeff Horan, Photo Bottom Right: Members Bob Ryder, Jeff Horan & Al Peltier at MARFC table) flat rockweb1flat rockweb2