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MARFC Host’s Annual Children’s Christmas Party for 2016!

decweb3Back on December 4, 2016 our Children’s Christmas party was held at the RS Easton Hotel in Roseville, MI. Everyone enjoyed a great lunch donated by Jimmy Gullett & Fran Russo. Then DA the Clown was on hand to make balloons for the kid’s and then he put on a great magic show for all to see. Each child received a gift bag of goodies upon arrival to the party. Then the big guy in the red suit arrived and the kid’s each got a gift from Santa and their picture taken with him. decweb1Then each child had a chance to win and extra prize from their door prize table. All who attended had a fantastic time. Many thanks to all who donated to help us make this party a great accuses. Special thanks to Barb Gullett who organized this party for the kid’s and to Kamille Fitzpatrick who donated some extra door prizes and autographed them for those who won one.decweb2


thcadp3cpuWe here at MARFC send each and everyone of our members a very Happy Thanksgiving. May the good Lord Bless & Keep you all in your travels and spending time with your loved ones and friends. Please remember those who make it possible for us to enjoy this great holiday.  Have a great day Bill Barnhart President MARFC!

November 2016 General Meeting Report!

tuckerwebOurandwebr November meeting took place at JD Karting in Novi. First our very own PR Director Rand Thompson made the announcement on our top award winners for our 51st Annual Award Banquet! Then 2016 ARCA Flat Rock Enduro Champion Jimmy Tucker gave all who attended a very good summery of his 2016 racing season and how he got there when his started racing just a short time ago. Then the riders who showed up to race the karts had a good time doing so. Our 50/50 was won by Jimmy Gullett who donated it all back to the club for the children’s Christmas party. Many thanks to the staff at JD Karting for making it possible to return to their facility again this year. (Top Photo: Jimmy Tucker)(Bottom Photo: MARFC PR Director Rand Thompson)

MARFC Responds to Youth Center Children’s Request!

Ok race fans! Enclosed is a message from a school teacher from the New York area who asked if we could post a link about auto safety for her class. We feel that it is a good idea as we enjoy racing on the track and it is best that we leave it on the track and not on our regular roads we travel every day. So please that the time to read and check out the enclosed link!

Bill Barnhart MARFC President

Hi Wild Bill! My name is Rachel and I volunteer at a youth center with a safety program for teens where we are learning about personal safety, specifically, safety while driving! The kids came across your website while looking for information about driving because we are going to be touring a real life race track with a driving school where the kids are going to learn even more about driver safety! We want to say thank you! Two of the boys, Jeremy and Mark, did some web searches at home together and found this page that they brought it for me to see about that has tips for safer driving http://www.dandalaw.com/resources/avoid-personal-injury-tips-for-safe-driving I suggested that they share this with you because it so many useful tips regarding safe driving that everyone, especially teens, should be aware of! Additionally, I want to impress upon them that by reaching out and simply asking others, things can be accomplished that the boys might not otherwise think can. They would be so proud to see that you did, even if it’s only for a little while, and we also think that your other visitors will find it useful. I also don’t think it hurt that I promised the whole group a pizza day if you added it! Please let me know if you’d be willing! Thank you in advance! Rachel