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Another Great General Meeting for MARFC in November!

bluhmwebhengwebfishelwebThose members who attended our November general meeting had an outstanding time. Ron & Patty Bluhm who run the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum informed our members on how the museum got its start as a Hudson Dealership and about all the cars and automotive items they have on hand. They have many GM displays and they even have a movie prop Tucker on hand along with Kasier’s & Corvair’s. Then Sandy Heng gave us an update on her new book coming out soon called “SHAKEN”. The book is about Dale Earnhardt and the aftermath of the need for safety in our sport of auto racing. Herb Fishel also talked about his part of the safety concerns that he helped with during his time as the head of GM Motorsports Division and where they are now. If you didn’t attend you miss one of our best meetings! Sandy and Herb also provided our members with a Barbeque Beef sandwich snack. Many Thanks to Herb and Sandy for setting up this event for us! (Top Left: Ron Bluhm Top Right: Sandy Heng & Bottom: Herb Fishel)


November MARFC Meeting on Track!

November meeting will be on the 9th of November 2013 starting a 6:30pm at the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum located at 100 East Cross Street, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198 734-482-5200. This will be a private tour of their museum along with our guest speakers Herb Fishel former Director of the GM Motorsports Division and Sandy Heng will be with us to tell us about a new racing book she wrote that will be out this fall. We will need a RSVP of how many members will be attending so the museum can set up a big enough area for our meeting. So I am asking you to please RSVP me no later than November 5th at president@marfc.org. Directions to the Museum: Take I-94, exit 183 (Huron St.) North to Cross Street, turn right and you’re in Depot Town. The Museum is located at the east end of Depot Town at the corner of Cross & River Streets. Free parking is available behind the museum parallel to the railroad tracks. Museum web site: www.ypsiautoheritage.org



More Racing Still Happening in Michigan!

Attention Race Fans just in case you didn’t know there is still more racing here in Michigan with the Midwest Indoor Racing Series will be at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek on Saturday, November 30, 2013. For more information check their web site at: www.midwestindoorracingseries.com. They have a series each month all winter long so you can still get your racing fix as the snow comes down and still keep warm inside.

MARFC Members go Karting at October Meeting!

october1jpgoctober2A great night of fun and racing was had by those who attended our first fall general meeting for 2013. Our members were greeted by owner Mark Dick and staff when we all arrived. Then Mark came in a let us know how JD Karting came about and where they are heading into the future. They have been open from just before Christmas in 2012 and have not yet had a formal grand opening. They have been going on just work of mouth and been very busy since then on. Next up was our guest speaker 2013 Flat Rock Street Stock Champion Grant Hedges. Grant told us oh how he started racing just a few years ago and all the hard work his family and friends have put into his career without anyone looking back. Then we had our 2013 MARFC Fund Raiser Raffle drawing. Many thanks to all who sold or bought their raffle tickets! For the first time in over thirty years yours truly won the first prize and donated half of the prize back to the club. Our second prize winner bought her ticket just that night and that was Deb Smith who came with Grant Hedges group. The third prize winner was long time member Wally Serylo. A special ladies only raffle was held with the winner receiving a pot of Mums and the winner was Kathy Diovardi. The in house winner was Rand Thompson who received an MARFC sweatshirt. Congratulations to all the winners for the night!  After the meeting many members enjoyed some fast racing on the electric go karts with a few bumps and spins along the way. (Above photo left: Mark Dick Above  Right: Grant Hedges & Bottom photo: Members ready to race)october3