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December President Thoughts!

As I write this it is the day after Thanksgiving and I am upstairs in the office pondering and remembering. Yes, the Christmas season is upon us and with it comes the shopping and the over eating and the parties, and the celebrations. Be safe and enjoy yourself but also […]

MARFC First Fall Meeting on October 20, 2012!

The first meeting of our off season was held on October 20, 2012 at DeCarlo’s Banquet Center in Warren. We had three guest speakers and also drew the winners in our annual Cheer Raffle. First prize of $300 went to Richard Stevens of Albion, Second prize of $150 went to […]

MARFC Attends Fall MSPA Meeting!

The Michigan Speedways Promoters Association held their fall meeting for 2012 at the Michigan International Speedway on October 25, 2012. The promoters discussed many of the things that keep their facilities up and running such as cost of insurance, how the weather affected their racing season, safety of the racers […]