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April 2004 Minutes

April 2004

It is now the first part of April and the drivers are ready, the crews are ready, the tracks are ready, and so are the fans. Just can’t wait for the smell of racing fuel and hot rubber from the tires. The smell of a race track hot dog and pop corn are just a few weeks away. Don’t know about you but I am ready.

Motor City Motorsports returns for the 26th season on Wednesday April 7th 2004 at 7:00pm on WLQV 1500AM with its host Vito LoPiccolo. Vito’s first guest of the season will be yours truly and Eddie Sachs Jr. so tune in and give a listen through out the 2004 season.

Here’s to a safe and fun filled 2004 racing season here in Michigan and across the country.

As always, keep racing!!

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC



Our March meeting had three special guest speakers on hand with lots of information to be heard.

First up was the Promoter of S.O.D. Sprints Jason Fausey who informed us on the 35-race schedule the series has for the 2004 season and the vast driver entries also. Jason thanked the club for honoring the S.O.D. Champion at our banquet this past January and with that introduced his champion Dustin Daggett.


Dustin told us that he has been racing since he was 16 years old in the sprints. He said that his team was owned by his family and they have been his biggest supporters through out his career. Justin also said that given the chance that he would like to drive a late model or ARCA car in the future. “Poor” Paul Zimmerman was also on hand but chose to let Jim Leisure speak about both Spartan & Calhoun County Speedway’s.


Jim told us of all the work that is going on at Calhoun with new fencing, stands, pit slabs and concession stands. They are going to be improving the track as they go along during the season. At Spartan most thing will stay the same but will host a few special showing during the season like faster pastor races and a school bus figure “8” race. Hope Paul has that night off his great green grass is sure to get a little messed up.

February 2004 Minutes

All I can say is that Mother Nature had it out for us this year. But we prevailed and the banquet was a great success anyway. Nearly 400 people braved through the rotten road conditions and attended one of the best banquets yet. Great to see our old friend from Florida Jack Goodwin make it up for a fun time and to finally meet Chuck Darling from the Michigan Short Track Racers Club was great. Unfortunately Dave Despain we unable to make the trip but did send an outstanding video for all to see and said thank you to all. Dr. Dick Berrgren was unable to make it either but also sent an e-mail of thanks. President of ARCA Ron Drager accepted the Presidents Award on behalf of ARCA & Mildred Marcum who was warm and cozy in Florida. Eddie Sachs,,,, Jr. was also on hand to help present the MARFC/ Eddie Sachs Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award to Bob Keselowski who was most grateful for the award.

Our MARFC Fan of the Year was Doug Jakeway who was able to be with us and we totally surprised. Doug assists us at many of our fan club day events. We wish to Thank Jim’s Industrial Catering for sponsoring our fan of the year award again this year. A tie for the Mechanic of the Year went to Mark Satkowiak of the Michigan Legend Series for all the hard work he did to get a Championship for his son Mike in the series. Don Lane owner & Crew Chief for Flat Rock Street Stock Champion Brian Norton was our other winner for 2003. Way to good guys! Promoter of the year honors went to the Auto City Speedway and Joe DeWitte owner. Special MARFC Appreciation Awards went to: Bill Stone “AKA Santa Claus” for his help at all of our Children’s Christmas Parties. Rob & Lisa Michon for all Rob’s work on our web site and Lisa for the donation of the hall for the Children’s party. To Eddie Sachs who helped raise funds for the kid’s and to Jimmy Tucker & Kyle Peltier our youngest members who assist with just about everything from general meetings, to kid’s party and fan club day events. Thanks to you all for a job well done. A Special Award was given to Vito LoPiccolo for his 25 years with Motor City Motorsports and his continuous support of the club through his show. Many thanks Vito!

President of the Michigan Speedway Promoters Association Ron Drager presented Ed Van Duinen of Merritt Speedway with the MSPA 2003 Promoter of the Year Award and Terry Fitzwater was on hand to award the Driver of the Year Award for 2003 to Andy Bozell. “ Big Ed” Inloes did an outstanding job as MC for the evening. Many Thanks to everyone who helped out before, during, and after the banquet. Without your help it wouldn’t have went so well. Thanks again to all!!

As Always,

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC


38th Annual MARFC Awards Banquet



President’s Award

MARFC President, Bill Barnhart, (l) presents the President’s award to Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA) President, (r) Ron Drager accepting the award for Mildred Marcum, wife of ARCA founder, John Marcum.


Eddie Sachs Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award

MARFC President, Bill Barnhart, (l) presents  Eddie Sachs Lifetime Achievement Award to Bob Keselowski (m) with son of the Award’s namesake, Eddie Sachs Jr. (r).


ARCA Series

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates ARCA Series Champions (l to r), Ron Drager, representing Frank Kimmell-ARCA Re/Max Series, Chad Guinn-Lincoln Welders Truck Series, Dave Kuhlman-Late Model Gold Cup Series, and Dennis Strickland-Flat Rock and Toledo Late Model Overall Champion.


Auto City Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Auto City Speedway Champions (l to r), Donny Matteson-Thunder Truck, Joe Hodgeson Jr.,-Factory Stock, Buck Harsen-Modified, and Ken O’Conner- Late Model.


Butler Motor Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Butler Motor Speedway Champions (l to r), Ken Mackey-Sprint Car, and Terry Stroufe-Late Model.


Crystal Motor Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Crystal Motor Speedway Hobby Stock Champion, Larry Carman.


Dixie Motor Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Dixie Motor Speedway Champions (l to r), Matt Szecsodi-Modified, Chad Bennett-Late Model, and Don Riley-Factory Stock.


Flat Rock Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Flat Rock Speedway Champions (l to r), Joel Kiger-Street Stock C Main, Ed Hindall-Street Stock B Main, Brian Norton-Street Stock A Main, and Stan Yee Jr.-Late Model.


Kalamazoo Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Kalamazoo Speedway Super Late Model Champion, Andy Bozell,


Kinross Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Kinross Speedway 4 Cylinder Champion, Jared Nightlinger.


Merritt Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Merritt Speedway Champions (l to r), Justin McNeill-Street Stock, and Ronnie Hill-Pro Truck.


Michigan Modified Association

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President (l) congratulates Michigan Modified Association Asphalt Champion, Bud Perry (r).


Michigan Legends Series

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Michigan Legends Series Champions (l to r), Ryan Meldrum-Rookie of the Year, John Turnbull for Shaun Jennison-Series Pro, Bill Simmons-Masters, and Mike Satkowiak-Series.


Mt. Pleasant Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President (l) congratulates Mt. Pleasant Speedway Mini Stock Champion, Cherie Murray (r).


Owosso Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Owosso Speedway Champions (l to r), Dan Krzywosinski-Super Late Model, and Robert Loomis-Street Stock.


S.O.D. Sprint Series

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates S.O.D Sprint Series Champion, Dustin Daggett.

Spartan Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Spartan Speedway Champions (l to r), Lonny Hill-Figure 8, Kenny Clark-Pony Stock, Ben Hidy-Street Stock, Bud Perry-MMA Modified, and Jack Landis-Late Model.


Toledo Speedway

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates Toledo Speedway Champions (l to r), Jeremy Miller-Figure 8 and Overall Figure 8, Randy Cronenwett Jr.-Factory Stock, Howard Kelley Jr.-Sportsman, and Brian Keselowski-Late Model.


U.S. Pro Series

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President congratulates U.S. Pro Series Champion, Mark Kortz.


Quarter Midget Champs

Larry Iacoboni, MARFC Vice-President, congratulates Quarter Midget Champs (in no particular order) Adam Wilsdon-Tri-City Jr. Honda & Jr. Stock, Brandon Johnson-Tri-City Sr. Honda, Haley Barnett-Tri-City Heavy Honda, Nicholas Grodi-Tri-City Sr. Stock, Eric Fountain-Tri-City Heavy 160, and Allen Jones-Tri-City Half.


Promoter of the Year

Joe DeWitt of Auto City Speedway (l) with MARFC President, Bill Barnhart (r).

Mechanic of the Year

The mechanic of the year was tied between Mark Satkowiak (above, l) and Don Lane, represented by Brian Norton (below, r).  Presenting the awards is MARFC President, Bill Barnhart.


Fan of the Year

Doug Jakeway (l) with MARFC President, Bill Barnhart (r).

Appreciation Awards

Eddie Sachs (l) with MARFC President, Bill Barnhart (r).


Kyle Peltier (l) and Jimmy Tucker (r) with MARFC President, Bill Barnhart (m).


Rob and Lisa Michon (l & m) with MARFC President, Bill Barnhart (r).


Bill Stone (l) with MARFC President, Bill Barnhart (r).

Michigan Speedway Promoters Association

Promoter of the Year

MSPA President, Ron Drager (r), congratulates Ed VanDuinen of Merritt Speedway (l).

Michigan Racing Scene

Driver of the Year

Michigan Racing Scene publisher, Terry Fitzwater (l) congratulates the Michigan Racing Scene Driver of the Year award to Super Late Model driver, Andy Bozell (m), with trophy designer and builder, Warren Manning (r).


As a surprise, Warren Maning (r), presented Terry Fitzwater (l) with the Michigan Speedway Scene Driver of the Year eternal trophy for his office.


Special Thanks

Special thanks to those that put their race vehicles on display for us to enjoy.


Jay Woolworth-Auto City Speedway


Chad Guinn-ARCA Lincoln Welders Truck Series


Nicholas Grodi-Quarter Midget


Brandon Johnson-Quarter Midget


Kenny Clark-Spartan Speedway



Congratulations to this unknown race fan who won a Simpson racing helmet donated by Michigan International Speedway.  The helmet was autographed by 15 NASCAR drivers including Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mark Martin, Dale Jarrett, and Jeff Gordon.

January 2004 Minutes

January 2004

Well 2004 is here and I hope that everyone had a great holiday and are ready for the start of the 2004 racing season. We have many new things that will be happening with our club this year. Remember to renew your 2004 membership now. Talk some of your friends into joining our club and let them know that they can see some great racing at over 14 different race tracks across the state of Michigan just by showing their MARFC 2004 membership cards.

The 38th Annual Dinner Dane & Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, January 17, 2004 at the Imperial House Banquet Hall located at: 34701 Groesbeck just South of 15 Mile Road in Clinton Township, Michigan. Doors will open at 5:50pm with Dinner at 6:30pm. Tickets are a donation $ 35.00 each includes dinner, drinks, dancing and door prizes. For tickets contact me at: president@marfc.org. Ticket Reservation Deadline is 1/7/2004 NO TICKETS will be sold at the door so get yours early. Hope to see you all at our banquet.

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC

December Events

All children and adult’s had a grand time with over 50 children and their families were on hand to enjoy time with "BUBBLES the Clown" who made fantastic balloons and put on an outstanding magic show for the kids. Every Child went home with a gift from Santa and a door prize along with a bag of goodies. John & Suzanne MacDonald provided a luncheon of which we say thank you. Thanks to all who assisted in setting up and helping during the party.

I also wish to thank all of the members who donated food for our needy family again this year. We were blessed with such generosity that we were able to assist two families this year. Both were most thankful to our club. I am proud of our club and it’s members for taking the time to help out others during this past holiday season. Thanks once again to Cory Russell for all her fine work that she put into the party. Also a thank you goes out to Cathie Rohloff and Eddie Sachs for helping raise money with our Children’ s Raffle this year. WAY TO GO TO ALL OF YOU!!