2002 Minutes

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December 2002 Minutes

December 2002 This is the time of year where we need to take time to reflect and remember those who we have lost this past season. At this time we know that they are all in God’s care and we need to remember that. I wish to say from all […]

November 2002 Minutes

November 2002 I am proud to announce that the Michigan Automobile Racing Fan Club is now once again part of the MSPA. (Michigan Speedway Promoters Association) We are glad that we will be able to be included in helping our fans and the promoters to better the sport of auto […]

October 2002 Minutes

FROM THE DESK OF THE PRESIDENT A very special thank you to Ron Drager & Roy Mott and the Toledo Speedway for adding an extra fan club day last month. Many fans were on hand and had a great time watching the Sportsman cars run and well as the conci […]