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Silver Bullet Speedway Weclomes MARFC in 2019!

What a night of racing they had at the Silver Bullet Speedway for our annual MARFC Night. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was given to Ed Manninen driver of the Michigan Stock # 11. With longtime member Bob Bergevin was our MARFC membership raffle winner that evening. Great to have the Bullet as part of our track members! Thanks to MARFC Board members, Al & Kyle Peltier, Jeff Horan, Bill Walters and our VP Dave DeHem for working our table and enlisting some new members into our club.(Photo: Jeff Horan, Bill Walters, Ed Manninen and VP Dave DeHem)


Well we tried once again and lost! We were set up and ready for a night of great dirt track racing at Crystal Motor Speedway then Mother Nature stepped in and flooded us out. SUCKS! Thanks to Ron Flinn and the staff at the speedway for trying to get our annual event in by rescheduling.