MARFC Returns to Owosso Speedway in 2018!

Great night for our return trip to the Owosso Speedway after a ten-year absence. Good crowd on hand and some good racing to boot. We had over 40 members in attendance that evening, and we thank them for supporting the speedway by returning after so long. The MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag was given to Pure Stock driver # 7 Nick Johnston for his support of the track and his division over the years. Many Thanks to “Big Ed” and Dennis Grim for making it possible for our club to return and all the PR Ed did that night. Table helpers for the night were, Al & Kyle Peltier, John Jackson, Barry Meschke and yours truly. Thanks again to all who stopped by and said Hi!(Photo Top: Nick Johnston & John Jackson) (Photo Middle:Chuck “The Flounder” Darling & Al Peltier) (Photo Bottom: John Jackson, Doug Jakeway, Al Peltier & Barry Meschke)