MARFC Board members were on hand once again at the annual spring meeting for the MSPA (Michigan Speedways Promoters Association) back in March. The MSPA is made up of track owners & promoters from across the state who get together to discuss the future of our sport of auto racing and how to help keep racers and fans coming to their facilities though out the year. Working together is the only way that they can hope to keep racing in Michigan and viable part of entertainment so we the fans who come out each week to enjoy the sport we all love. It’s not an easy task to keep folks coming back each week to be able to keep the gates open for the full season and into the future. Trying to find new race fans is hard these days as most young folks main concern in all about social media. So, they are working hard to use social media to increase the attendance at their facilities. We here at MARFC help by trying to let them know what fans want to see when they lay down their money at the gates for an evening out at the races. But, as fans we need to do our part and help get new people who haven’t been for awhile or never been to the races before to come out and give it a try and work to help bring in the next generation for race fans. Because, let me tell you all that without the next set of race fans our future in the sport of auto racing is slowly moving to the way side like the dinosaurs. Young folks will need to google it to see what was auto racing about. So, let’s try to help when and were we can and when you get the chance stop and tell these track promotors thanks for what they do for us as fans.

Bill Barnhart MARFC President