Former MARFC Member and Award Winner Passes Away!

The final checkered flag waived yesterday on one of the best car owners a racer could race for. Robbie Martel better know as Wheelchair Robbie passed away after a lengthy illness. I meet Robbie back in the late 80’s and remained friends from then on. Robbie never let the chair get in his way when it came to working on a race car. He was there to lend a hand to anyone who need help no matter who you were. Many drivers had the chance to drive his cars over the years and that is what made him happy. He won championship with different drivers over the year and all became his extended family. Robbie was a big man with a heart much, much bigger. In 1990 Robbie was given the WBVS Mechanic of the Year Award and in 2010 the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club elected him Mechanic of the Year that season just proof of what he was capable of doing as a mechanic and car owner. This is a tragic loss to the racing community, but knowing that he stands at the side of the Lord now and forever will bring our loss a little easier. We all have memories and memories can’t be forgotten.

May the Good Lord Bless and Keep Robbie’s family at this difficult time and into the future. Stand tall and be proud of your life my friend! “God’s Speed Robbie”

Wild Bill

(Photo taken in 1990 by WBVS Photo’s)