On October 26th MARFC attended the annual fall meeting of the MSPA (Michigan Speedways Promoters Association). This origination works hard to ensure we as fans & racers have a facility to enjoy our sport of auto racing across our state. We are glad to be able to add to the input of information what fans would like to see at the tracks and we also learn what it takes to keep these track open with their overall cost of doing business like: local government & non-racing neighbors, Insurance, finding sponsorships, upgrades to the facility, how to get the racers and fans to increase attendance and how to get the next generation of racers and fans to drop the phones and come to see the races in person. All this and hoping the Mother Nature doesn’t come a calling on race day. So, my suggestion is to take the time when you see them and tell all these promoters Thank You for keeping their gates open and assure them you will support them anyway we can as fans & racers! (Photo Top: MSPA Board)(Photo Bottom: MARFC Members with other MSPA Members)(Photo’s by Rand Thompson)