2014 October MARFC General Meeting Report:

Robbie LovingwebRace LovingwebThe first fall general meeting was held on October 25, 2014 and those who attended enjoyed both the evening’s guest speakers. First up was Robbie Loving who talked about his 30 years of racing. Robbie has raced not only figure 8 cars but, sportsman, enduros & late models. He has accomplished 6 ARCA Championships over the years and has his sights on more in the years to come. Robbie told us on riding to the race tracks with his dad Frank who drove for many years and then working on the car and when he was old enough his was given the chance to drive and has proven himself a true champion. Next was Robbie’s son Race’s chance to tell what it was like growing up and seeing his dad drive and this past season being able to get his chance to drive at the age of 15. Race won a few heat races this past season as well a feature at the Flat Rock Speedway. He won the Rookie of the Year at the Flat Rock Speedway 30 years after his dad Robbie did it. The future holds many more great and exciting racing from both this father and son duo! ( Photo’s by Rand Thompson Left: Robbie Loving Right: Race Loving)